Coming Back to Cannabis? Here’s What’s New!


Coming Back to Cannabis? Here's What's New!

We’ve noticed something at Amazing Budz. There’s a phenomenon that’s happening now as medical and recreational cannabis continues to spread across the United States. People who have not consumed or smoked cannabis for some time are coming back to it. Even in just the last few years, many things have changed; in Michigan, cannabis became legalized medically in 2008. By contrast, Michigan passed legislation for recreational cannabis legalization at the end of last year. Though no stores are currently licensed to sell recreational cannabis in our state, that’s a huge change. So for those who have been out of the loop for a while, here are some of the highlights in the changing landscape of cannabis both in Michigan and in other states around the USA.

A Wide-Variety Of Cannabis Medicine

With more widespread acceptance of cannabis trending across the United States, the spectrum of cannabis medicine and products available has increased dramatically. Cannabis is available in edible, concentrate and flower form, and the variety is astonishing. On the edible side there are baked goods of every size and type imaginable, from budget friendly to handcrafted. Some include cannabis cartridges, drinks, candies, nut mixes, sublingual sprays, lozenges, gummies and tinctures. There are concentrates teeming with terpenes, live resin and RSO, and many others. In addition, there are also CBD and THC ratios to choose from that soothe symptoms as individual as every user.

With more diverse medicine available it expands the range of effects possible. No longer do savvy patients ask for an Indica or Sativa, they often ask for specific cannabinoids and terpenes to fill their needs. Even cannabis flower on the market is becoming stronger every year as breeders improve their methods and new strains are bred with certain characteristics and cannabinoids in mind for patients and patrons. In addition, cannabis is now medically legal in 33 states. Are you from Michigan or Ohio with a medical cannabis card? Check out our menu to see more of what we have to offer for your needs.

Cannabis Events and Classes

Have you ever attended a cannabis event? There are several coming up in Michigan, the first of which is the Annual 420 Festival, occuring on the 20th of April. You can learn more at this festival about your medication while connecting with fellow MMMP patients and enthusiasts at the event and the after party. The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan is also coming up this summer on July 8th. This event features live music, culinary experiences, and a look at the burgeoning Michigan cannabis industry. These are some of the larger cannabis-themed events but for some of you, you may be surprised at the unique and mainstream cannabis classes and offerings available. In many places in the US that are recreationally legal, cannabis crafting, high painting, elevated yoga and many others are common and cropping up for personal, artistic and healing experiences with the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Legalization is Here To Stay

People can currently possess and consume cannabis in Michigan, but we aren’t the only ones. Ten states in the US now allow recreational possession and consumption of cannabis for adults of legal age. Thirteen states have decriminalized cannabis, and after seeing the beneficial effect this can provide for the local economy, other states are likely to follow suit. Cannabis is gaining popular acceptance across the US, and many are hoping for federal legalization. As part of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp is provisionally legal in the United States, causing excitement from the cannabis industry to other industries such as textiles, farming and food production. With all these recent advancements we here at Amazing Budz are excited for the future and hope to see you soon at our Adrian, Michigan medical cannabis location. We’d love to talk more about what is new!

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  1. Michigan accepts Ohio medical marijuana cards. All you need is your valid government photo ID and your medical card with you when you come to the store. Look forward to seeing you.

  2. Been going here for almost 8 months. The service is amazing. Bud tenders are always helpful. Should be the Amazing Budtenders! I even won a limited edition peak! First choice every time!

  3. We appreciate your business and your helpful review! We love knowing our patients are leaving happy and with the meds they count on! See you in soon.

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